Press Conference Program

PRESS conferece on the occasion of putting RECIPLET device in function (collector-toy for waste containers and aluminum tins) and awards to RECIPLET contesters from Belgrade, Vranje and Sokobanja, will be held in the Centre for Physical Culture Vračar, Sjenička  1,  on Monday 23th December, 2013. at 11:00. On the same day at 12:00 in ceremonial hall on the municipality of Vračar, in Njegoševa 77. directors of 6 schools will sign the grant contracts for  recycling containers, we will award 30 certificates for accreditation to teachers in 6 schools in Vračar and 30 certificates for accreditation to teachers in 9 school in Pančevo. In schools in Vračar there will be 54 recycling containers, which enables the beginning of the competition in collecting waste in 2013 and 2014 as well as trip to Budapest or Prague for the winners of the competition.

Goals of the project are to contribute to the process of changing public policy environment at local level according to EU standards and representation gender equality; Project Initiatives are aimed at stimulating people towards a more responsible  attitude to waste, and towards its sustainable treatment, such as decrease of it at the source, its reuse, recycling or disposing of it in a safe way; The winning RECIPLET device is urban collector of waste containers (plastic bottles and tins) which is charged with solar energy and has pet press and recycling material. The device has ecological and social - pedagogic goals; The main activity and the final outcome of the project aims to achieve consensus in the implementation of inter-municipal integrated model of systematic collection and waste recycling of raw materials from all schools in the municipality of Vranje, Sokobanja and Belgrade in cooperation with businesses; Through competition program for 2014. and 2015. the goal is to create a feeling among the local population of responsibility in handling it at all the levels, to provide for exact and complete information of management and promote principles of sustainable development, undertake stimulating measures and partnership of public and private sectors in waste management; The aim is to maintain sustainable manner of cooperation between civil society, non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges, local authority through upgrading and development in the area of environmental protection and renewable sources of energy. Educating and developing public consciousness and enabling people to have access to information on the protection of the environment and renewable sources of energy and socially responsible entrepreneurship; Strengthening of capacities and professional improvement of teachers in the area of environment protection and sustainable development for acquiring professional skills in the preparation of modern methods of work in teaching and afterschool activities.

Placement of RECIPLET in the Sport Center Vračar is the result of RECIPELT competition workshops held during May in the municipalities of Vračar and Sokobanja, Pančevo and Vranje, where 120 elementary kids participated from 50 regular and special schools. Through competition program and in the development of Reciplet ecological device (sculpture-toy for recycling pet and plastic bottles with solar charging), students developed creative and motoric abilities, and through the game and recycling they learned to make useful, nice and part of new playground something that had be rejected.

RECIPLET ecological device as a permanent value will be something to be left to the generations that are coming, and  is a transparent example for further integration of social and ecological approaches in educational practice. The winning solution of the elementary school "Siniša Nikolajević" from Vračar has been thought out by the authors Anđela Vukašinović and Andrijana Tmušić with the support of the teacher Slobodanka Todorović. The development of Reciplet is realized in cooperation with the Institute "Mihajlo Pupin" from Belgrade, which is an esthetically modified solution of the original winning conceptual proposal by the school kids.

Introducing containers for recyclable materials in schools enables the application of existing legal frameworks by local authorities. Thanks to  Telenor Foundation 100 recycling containers were purchased for pet and paper. 54 for 6 elementary schools from Belgrade, 36 for 6 elementary schools in Vranje, 9  for elementary and high school in  Sokobanja.

Important result of achieved consensus is the implementation of the right to a fee that schools become entitled to by providing the waste taken by contracted utility company

14 schools signed contracts with purchasers of the waste material. 6 elementary schools from Vračar, 6 elementary schools from Vranje, elementary and high school from Sokobanja.

Obezbđena su nagradna sredstva za takmičare sa Vračara, Sokobanje i Vranja od strane opština za pobedničko odeljenje, koje će ići na ekskurziju u Budimpeštu, Prag ili pet dana na more na kraju 2014. I 2015 godine u čemu će učestvovati 14 škola iz Vranja, Sokobanje i sa Vračara.

Provided funds for the award winning department, which will go on an excursion to Budapest, Prague or five days at sea at the end of 2014. and 2015 in which they will participate in 14 primary schools in Vranje. Sokobanja and municipality of Vračar.

Awarded 120 Certificates for the accredited training NO. 641 which have been passed in the Catalogue of the Bureau for the upgrading of upbringing and education for this and next school year i.e. for 2013/2014.

Two regional conferences were held in Vranje and Kruševac with the topic: handling waste and application of legal framework locally.

Speakers at the press conference:
Dragutin Makarić, director of the Center for Physical Culture Vračar, Branimir Kuzmanović, president of the Vračar municipalities, Biljana Vicković, director of Octopus Association, Ljubiša Antonijević, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, Ivana Tomašević, Representative of SENSE program of the Regional Environmental Center (REC),
Sanja Rajačić, specialists in social responsibility, Sanja Vraneš, director of the  Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”  i Milica Mandić, sportsman.

The program of press conference on the occasion of ceremonious putting RECIPLET in function the nine month program of National Ecological Campaign titled ’’Recycle really, show what you know” for 2013, finished. Project was implemented by means of SENSE program implemented by the Regional Environmental Center.

Program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Telenor Foundation organized by the Association of Octopus, MODUS and CDOP supported by the Embassy of Sweden, and the associated partnership support of municipalities Vračar and Soko Banja, the city of Vranje and Pančevo and Institute “Mihailo Pupin” and' Metropolitan University, Belgrade.

Press Conference Program