Octopus International Biennial of extended media is meeting old and new tendencies in the latest artistic and technological practices.

Reavue  character of Biennale enable to meet and see the latest artistic developments at home and on the international scene.  
Art practice known as extended media is a term that covers various experiences of the old and the new avant-garde of Fluxus , and neo- Fluxus over mix-media, conceptual art, body art, and video art, to modern concepts of new media art digital arts, interactive media, robotics, video game experiments, hi- tech and bio-chemical experiments, as well as various other directions and orientations of contemporary visual art and technology scene.

Video and experimental film collage of the latest fantasy , sharp-witted and sensitive observations, comparisons and views of the author / artist recorded by camera and united in video form short experimental film and performance theater tradition

performance and experimental theater is 40 -odd years ago and today is a flexible format suitable innovation

exhibition segments: installation, interactive media, objects, photography, mix media ... by far the most extensive part of the Biennale was presented by numerous artists in their creative expression used various materials and media in order to move the boundaries of artistic disciplines

theoretical practice: panel discussions, lectures , talent campus today ... importance ,the foundation and expansion of the concept of art, technology, design and the media in general, the role of mass media in modern society, the historical sections, an international art movement patterns of the arts in the future - these are the broad themes discussed by recognized scholars, artists, journalists...

Biennale is through art directorate BiljaneBibe Vicković  presented in six Belgrade's cultural centers Pavilion "Flower Zuzoric" (SKC) Students Cultural Center, Rex, New Moment Gallery, O3ONE gallery, District Cultural Center at the Museum applied Arts, and the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. More Biennial on the pages