Results of ecological campaign ’’Recycle really, show what you know”

National Ecological Campaign titled ’’Recycle really, show what you know” is nine month program, which was implemented through a series of bonding activities by means of SENSE program, realized by the Regional Environmental Center.

Program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Telenor Foundation organized by the Association of Octopus, MODUS and CDOP supported by the Embassy of Sweden, and the associated partnership support of schools and municipalities Vračar and Soko Banja, the city of Vranje and Pančevo and Robotic Lobaratory of the"Mihajlo Pupin” Institute from Belgrade.

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RECIPLET collector-toy for waste containers and aluminum tins

Residents of Vračar municipality got a unique and very talkative toy, named RECIPLET, for gathering PET and aluminum tins, on December 23 rd at Centre for Physical Culture Vračar, Sjenička 1.



The winning solution of the elementary school "Siniša Nikolajević" from Vračar has been thought out by the authors Anđela Vukašinović and Andrijana Tmušić with the support of the teacher Slobodanka Todorović. The development of Reciplet is realized in cooperation with the Robotic Lobaratory of the"Mihajlo Pupin” Institute from Belgrade, which is an esthetically modified solution of the original winning conceptual proposal by the school kids.



RECIPLET, this new cute Vračar's neighbor, will be something to be left to the generations that are coming, and is a transparent example for further integration of social and ecological approaches in educational practice.



RECIPLET The schools competition 2014

Anđela’s and Andrijana’s solution won the RECIPLET competition in May 2013, which was attended by 120 elementary pupils from 50 regular and special schools from Belgrade Vračar, Sokobanja, the city of Pancevo and Vranje.

We rewarded the finalists from Sokobanja and Vranje with tablet computers, smart phones, and appealing RECIPLET (which only uses solar energy), will continue to encourage citizens of Belgrade and its visitors to greater care for the environment and cleanliness of the city, through games and fun.

During the contest, participants learned through the game and recycling how discarded things can become nice, useful and part of the new playground.



The schools competition 2014 (in which participates 6 elementary schools from Vračar, 6 elementary school from Vranje and a primary and a secondary school from Sokobanja) has started on February 1st. Every Friday, the schools will organize measuring of collected paper and PET packagings, which students will bring from home.The schools will send their municipalities and Association Octopus information about the collected waste, which will be posted on the website

This will allow all competitors to see results of other schools and which class for Belgrade, Vranje and Sokobanja, is the most successful candidate for the winner of the competition, that wins the prize trip.



Local authorities provided funds for the prize excursion for the winning class. Thanks to Telenor Foundation, 100 recycling containers were purchased for pet and paper for all participating schools (54 for 6 elementary schools from Belgrade, 36 for 6 elementary schools in Vranje, 9 for elementary and high school in Sokobanja).

All schools have received funds for the purchase of container bags from their municipalities in 2014 and coming 2015, as well as scales for measuring of collected materials for the competition. Buyers of raw materials, which have signed contracts for the purchase with all schools, will be done in cash, that schools will spend purpose, according to the student’s parliament.

Shool consensus of Belgrade Vračar, Vranje and Sokobanja

The shool consensus of Belgrade Vračar, Vranje and Sokobanja will be applicable to other cities and municipalities in Serbia. During 2015, we expect the inclusion of a number of schools in territories and in the region of the city of Vranje and Sokobanja, as well as in other municipalities of Belgrade.



Training of teachers

A new knowledge that teachers gained during the vocational training of teachers entitled "Ecology with children - critical thinking in the development of environmental awareness in teaching'' will significantly contribute to the implementation of the competition in 2014 and 2015.

At press conferences held in December in Belgrade, Vranje and Sokobanja, there were awarded 120 Certificates for the accredited training NO. 641 which have been passed in the Catalogue of the Bureau for the upgrading of upbringing and education for this and next school year i.e. for 2013/2014.

The program was held: on November 16th in Vranje in the primary school "Branko Radičević"; on November 17th in "Branilsav Nušić" in Sokobanja; on November 23rd 2013 in the premises of the Municipality Vračar, on November 24th in the premises of the agricultural school ''Josif Pancic'' in Pancevo.

Training program for social enterprises in Vranje

It was awarded 20 certificates for the training program for social enterprises in Vranje, realized on November 16th- 17th in the special school "Vule Antic". The program was attended by representatives from business incubators from Vranje and the Centre for Social Work of Vranje.

Workers of recycling drive JKP KOMRAD conveyed expertise about development of wire containers to parents. For further, we expect to receive a support from the city government and the JKP KOMRAD for starting this business.

Admission of JKP KOMRAD as local government, has significant influence during the work of “Regional Conference on Waste Management ", held on June 5 th in Vranje in the City Hall. Program within Component 3 Senes program, was supported by the Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment, and our expectations for the further successful implementation has of a number of fundamentals.

The project ’’Recycle really, show what do you know’’, the customers demand competitive "Reciplet" workshops scheduled 10th 15th 16th and 17 May the municipality Vracar and Sokobanji and cities Pancevo and Vranje, where the next primary schools in Belgrade with the witch, and included 50 other schools in the project municipalities and cities in Serbia.
Through the competition in the development of intelligent mobile recycling sculpture-toy for the school yard, the children of regular and special schools will develop creative and motor skills through play and recycling will learn that what is rejected becomes, well, useful and part of a new playground.

The project, recycle really, show what do you know, a national environmental campaign through a series of bonding activities (Competitive "Reciplet" workshops, workshops for socially responsible entrepreneurship in Vranje to launch social business for unemployed mothers of children with disabilities; Accredited Seminar education of teachers and professors in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development of the regional conference in Vranje on waste management; recikle exhibition dedicated vessel in schoolyards cities and municipalities participating in the project) contributes to the process of changing public policy environment at local level according to EU standards and representation gender equality.
The project is implemented by means of SENSE program implemented by the Regional Environmental Center. Program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) organized by the Association of Octopus, MODUS and CDOP supported by the Embassy of Sweden, and the associated partnership support to municipalities Vracar and Soko Banja, the city of Vranje and Pancevo and Institute Mihailo Pupin'' and'' Metropolitan University, Belgrade.