Legend of Robot Bird

The most famous project of the Association Octopus is the conceptual design and development of the Robot Bird, socially beneficial robot art for public space, with tin recycling function, authored by Biljana Biba Vicković. After the placement of the first prototype in front of the municipality of Vračar building  on  22nd December 2009, the robot bird has acquired the status of a cultural monument, and is a revolutionary piece of art when it comes to the manner in which the recycling process is conceived by the general public. It performs daily educational ecological function, and more than 200,000 people feed canned robot on annual basis.

The basic idea of the placement of the Robot Bird is to develop public urban space with artistic sculpture that has a practical and promotional role. Robot bird’s secondary function is the separation of waste by collecting and storing tins, which generates annual profit for the purchase of 4 new washing machines.

Additional technical features and eco campaign in Vračar

Bird Robot is powered by solar panels!
The mechanization of Robot Bird is powered by solar energy, thus providing promotional activities for sustainable development during and after the project, and citizens’ environmental awareness is enhanced as well as the use of renewable energy in daily life.

Playing “Green Games" introduces the process of recycling to children, youth and citizens!
Every citizen who feeds the Robot Bird with a tin gets a ticket with a message about the importance of recycling process and there is a special code for playing games too. The games are on the site www.oktoopus.org /games. Entering the code from the ticket the "Green Games" video game with an ecological message is accessed. To play the new “Green Games" video game requires that you feed the bird robot with a can, which stimulates the further collection of recyclable materials by the children and citizens.

The bird was named Limenko Gutić
Competition "Let give the name to the  Robot Bird"  was launched by the OCD Sfera No - Octopus  together with the Vračar municipality and it started in September 2009 when about seven hundred four grade students from all elementary schools in Vračar  visited the art sculpture which aims to animate fellow citizens about the importance of recycling. In the period that followed, the students delivered their proposals for the name of a bird in the form of literary and artistic works.
Thirty, of all the six hundred submitted papers, were selected  and were exhibited in the hall of the municipality Vračar from the 9th  to 25th  November 2009, after which the subsequent voting for the best suggestion for the name of the Robot Bird started . All citizens of Vračar and other municipalities took part in  voting. Robot Bird was named Limenko Gutić and the winning school  "Jovan  Miodragović"  on 25th November, 2009  was given the first three ArtEco containers for recycling cans, pet and paper packaging.

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Dear all here
Ecology to develop,
I 'm new robot bird
cans are my treat.

Primary School ''Svetozar Marković''
Jelisaveta Todorov 4/1

Eco - Tin Eater

This is a great bird,
She has four faces,
all four of them are happy
as long as treated with cans.

Robot bird constantly speaks,
that hunger chases it.
"Cans, please give me,
so it will be a paradise !"
- Bird says, while her eyes shining,
and in return gives us gifts.

This bird is great,
The purpose is so attractive.
In the schoolyard of my school
waiting for a vacancy,
and the children who love it.

Project is supported and implemented by donors and partners:
Government of the Republic of Serbia - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; Sustainable Development Unit - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration; Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia; Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia; American Embassy Belgrade; Embassy of the Netherlands in Belgrade; U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); RBF Rockefeller Brothers Fund; OSCE Mission to Serbia; Institu for sustainable communities (ISC); AMCHAM Serbia  - Američka privredna komora; Secretariat for Environmental Protection of city of Belgrade; Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade; Belgrade Agency for European integration and cooperation with associations; Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities; City of Belgrade - City Municipality of Vračar; City of Belgrade - City Municipality of Savski Venac; City of Belgrade - City Municipality of Satri grad; Obrenovac Environmental Protection foundation; University in Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering; Innovation Centre of Electro-technical Faculty in Belgrade; Institute Mihailo Pupin; Thermo power plant Nikola Tesla – Obrenovac; Law Office Subotic-Homen

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